The National Association of Home Builders has released its latest study, What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition. The top kitchen features 80% of buyers say they must have according to NAHB are a double kitchen sink and a pantry. Four out of ten buyers believed a double sink was so critical they would be unlikely to buy a home without one. Other top kitchen features sought by more than 70% of buyers were: table space for eating – this could mean sufficient eat-in kitchen space (78%) ; a central island (77%), drinking water filtration (76%); granite or other natural stone counter top (73%); recessed lighting (69%); customized back splash (69%), and pull-out shelves (68%). Since this is a national study some of these wants don’t seem to be as important to Arizonans. But buyers here definitely want more functional kitchens with adequate counter top space to work and for family activities. Next in Part 2: Bathrooms.