The Prisoner. Judy, an English pointer, was the mascot of British river gunboat in China when WWII commenced. She and some of her crew was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and taken by ship to a prison camp in Indonesia to build a rail road. She was smuggled on to boat, and eventually into the camp, where dogs were forbidden. Getting Judy into the camp, and keeping her alive, was no easy task. She was taught to be still and quiet in a bag and was snuck in. The Korean guards became more and more starved as the war went on, and dogs were a common menu item at home. But she was fast and clever and knew how to avoid the guards. She eventually was recognized as an official POW by a dog loving Japanese camp commander and assigned her own prisoner number, giving her protection against ending up in a pot. Next: An unbreakable bond.

Judy on board the British gunboat