The Unbreakable Bond. After being taken into captivity, Judy bonded with Frank Williams. He taught her the skills she needed to survive in Japanese captivity and in the Indonesian camp. Eventually the prisoners were shipped to Singapore. Frank was told that Judy was not welcome on the boat. Once again Frank worked with her to reinforce that she must be absolutely still in quiet in a bag. So she was smuggled on board in a rice sack, never whimpering, moving or betraying her presence to the guards. The next day the ship was torpedoed. Frank was rescued, but couldn’t find Judy, and thought he lost her. The voyage resumed and he arrived at the new camp. When he walked through the gate, he was knocked to the ground when Judy ran up from behind and leaped up on him. She had been rescued and arrived before Frank, and the tackle was her idea of a joyous reunion. Next: Going Home.