1. Open spaces. An open floor plan may feel like old hat, but use of this layout will accelerate in both condos and single-family homes. Eliminating walls and barriers provides greater access to the kitchen – the room most buyers feel is the most important space in a home.
2. Multiple master suites. Having two master bedroom suites, each with its own bathroom, makes a house work better for multiple generations. Such an arrangement allows grown children and aging parents to move in for long or short term stays and welcomes out-of-town guests.
3. Off-the-shelf plans. Buyers who don’t want to spend time or money for a custom house have another option. House plan companies offer tens of thousands of blueprints that can be modified for site, budget, and climate conditions. Many builders will accept these plans, though they may charge to adapt them.
4. Freestanding tubs. Freestanding tubs may sound old fashioned, but the newest iterations from companies like Kohler are cool and contemporary. Because of their striking appearance, these tubs can be the statement piece in a new or remodeled bathroom.
5. Quartzite. This surface is becoming more popular, rivaling quartz. Unlike quartz, which typically is man-made, quartzite is a natural stone. It also more closely resembles marble without the drawbacks of staining easily.

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