In Part One I listed five of the ten disadvantages of having a pool according to Kiplinger, some of which I did not agree with. The last five are even more problematic: 6. Your Energy Bills Will Go Up. Yup, that is guaranteed, but not that much, and it depends on how much the pump runs; 7. You Might Get Sick from Recreational Water-related Illnesses. Really? Is this at all likely? 8. Home Buyers Need to Hire a Separate Pool Inspector. This is a low, one-time cost; 9. When the Kids Grow Up, the Novelty Wears Off. Not in Arizona! 10. Water Attracts Insects and Wildlife. Now they are making things up to get to 10. My conclusion is that Kiplinger’s reasons to not have a pool are dubious and mostly inapplicable in the South and Southwestern U.S.