Kiplinger, the financial advice periodical, have come up with the top 10 disadvantages of owning a home with a swimming pool. They say the following cons outnumber the pros, but I disagree: 1. Routine Maintenance Is Costly. Its costs money, but maintenance is not that expensive especially if you do all or some yourself; 2. Repairs Are Even Costlier. Sure, but expensive repairs are rare; 3. Pools are Safety Risks. Yes, but a fence decreases accidents; 4. You May Need Additional Insurance (for example an umbrella policy to insure against the risk of someone getting injured). To me injury is a low risk, so insurance is not needed. 5. The Resale Value Is Low. HouseLogic.com apparently says that the most a home’s value might increase is 7% if located in a warmer climate and residing in a high-end neighborhood where are lots of pools. Maybe this is true somewhere, but in the Phoenix metro area pools can add more value than that and are considered by some buyers to be mandatory. Read more in Part 2: 5 More Alleged Disadvantages.