In Best Remodeling Projects I wrote about the best bang for your buck when selling a home. I also mentioned 2 of the worst – an upscale major kitchen remodel and a master bedroom addition. But there are other home improvements that also have a marginal payoff. One is the addition of a swimming pool. Remodeling Magazine said the average swimming pool cost $51,000 as of 2018, and provided a 43% return upon sale. But that cost seems high for most pools in the Phoenix area. It would make sense if a lesser pool investment had a higher return. In any event, I agree with the general proposition that pools aren’t big money makers – but some buyers won’t buy a home without one. New carpet was said to have a 0% return. Certainly carpet is not a wise choice for living and high use areas in the Valley of the Sun. In bedrooms it can be appropriate and desirable to some buyers. But considering that other floor choices provide a higher payoff, carpet can be avoided. For example, a wood floor recouped 107% of its installation cost in 2019. If you want to avoid the worst places to put your dollars, contact us at mark@simplysoldaz.com.