In a survey conducted between January and March of 2020 of more than 87,000 homeowners by Houzz, renovations remain a popular activity, particularly among older age groups. Baby boomers accounted for more than half of owners who renovated in 2019. Gen Xers (ages 40 to 54) trailed Boomers at nearly a third of home renovations, and Millennials (ages 25 to 39) were at about 12%. According to the survey, the most popular rooms to renovate were kitchens and guest bathrooms. Done before the Corona virus pandemic, my guess is a newer survey would show slightly different results. I assume a higher percentage of renovations will be done by Millennials and Gen Exers, as they settle into working at home and find that their home office space is lacking. If you need to reconfigure your space or need more of it, let us know. Contact me at 480 675-0112 or mark@simplysoldaz.com and we’d be happy to help.

Charles Deluvio