Due to the real estate boom in Arizona and elsewhere, there are hordes of new real estate agents. Membership in the National Assoc. of Realtors grew from 1.48 million in 2020 to 1.56 in 2021. That 82% increase in new members set a NAR record. This “jump on the bandwagon” phenomenon and the explosion of people newly pursuing a career in real estate can be a problem. Real estate school is brief (in Arizona it only takes 3 weeks), so most new agents are woefully unprepared. So newbies are the most likely to make mistakes that will cost you. And since agents with 2 or less years of experience have a median gross income of $8,800, they may make decisions that are best for their wallet and not in their client’s best interest. For example, some rookie agents might enthusiastically embrace dual agency, which doubles their income but is against your best interest. At SimplySOLD all our agents are experienced and will provide superior representation. Contact us to learn more.