Kitchen and bathroom faucets are one of the most common upgrades during a remodeling project. 81% of renovating homeowners upgrade their kitchen faucet, while 88% upgrade their bathroom faucet according to Houzz. Here are two trends in faucets: 1. Pull-Down Designs. Almost all new kitchen faucets have a pull-down function. This feature allows you to extend the spray nozzle to rinse vegetables, fill pots and clean the sink. If you don’t have one and upgrade, you won’t know how you managed without. 2. Handle Variety. All kinds of handles are now available. There are square handles that are a cross between levers and knobs; lever handles that resemble twisted ribbon; handles in the shape of a wheel (you turn them in a circular motion), and handles made of wood. You can even have your handles custom made. Next: More Trends.