Wonder where the people who buy in Arizona come from? With the exception of San Diego, since May 2012 the top 10 buyer sources for those living elsewhere all have cold winters. Which answers the question of why they purchase here – to escape the weather there. Albertans and people from inland northwestern U.S. appear to be buying homes primarily for themselves to live in, while buyers from the west coast (75% for San Diego and 45% for Seattle) are primarily investors. However, buyers from Denver are also primarily investors, as it appears 66% don’t intend to make Arizona their home. The list of the top 10 cities are:
1. Calgary, Alberta
2. Edmonton, Alberta
3. Anchorage, AK
4. San Diego, CA
5. Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. Seattle, WA
7.Omaha, NE
8. Colorado Springs, CO
9. Chicago, IL
10. Denver, CO

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