Antis is the only dog who officially was allowed to fly with his master in World War II. He was found as a just weaned German Shepherd puppy in no-mans land in France in 1940, after his future master crashed landed near the locked home he had been abandoned in. From there they were inseparable, with Antis becoming one of the smartest dogs ever. He learned commands in minutes, and seemed to anticipate the needs of his air force buddy. But his unwavering devotion got him in trouble when his master went on a date, and Antis broke out of his home, ran to the train station, hopped a train to the right town, and found his master on the street. He never wined or complained even when wounded multiple times during his airborne duties. Following the war he received the Dickin Medal, the highest award of honor an animal can receive. The latest book about this life and adventures is The Dog who could Fly by Damien Lewis. Next: