After Bing jumped out of a plane on D-Day in WWII, he landed in a tree. His rescuers were hampered by German mortar fire, so Bing had to hang there for two hours before he was found, but not after incurring two shrapnel wounds to his face. He shook off his wounds and kept going, and in the days and weeks that followed Bing protected his British paratroopers by detecting minefields and preventing ambushes. During patrols, if he detected German soldiers he would suddenly freeze and point toward the danger with his nose. He served in France until September 1944, and in March 1945 Bing jumped over the Rhine River into Germany in Operation Varsity. For his extraordinary service, this four-legged hero received the Dickin Medal after the war. Next: Was It Your Dog When it was Over?

Not Bing, but how he would drop