One night in the WW1 trenches Stubby was resting with the men in a dugout. Suddenly he lifted his head and his ears pricked alert. He sniffed the air, uttered a low growl, then sprang to his feet and ran out the bunker. A few seconds later there was a sharp cry of pain and then sounds of a struggle outside. The U.S. soldiers left the bunker and went out in the dark towards the noise. When they got to the source they found that Stubby had apprehended a German soldier who had been scouting the American positions. Approaching the man from behind, Stubby had bit and latched on to the hapless soldier’s rear end. The man whirled around but could not shake off the tenacious canine. The U.S. troops quickly subdued and disarmed him, but Stubby was initially reluctant to release his grip on the unfortunate German’s bottom. When Stubby died after the war, he was so famous he was stuffed and put on display in the Smithsonian. Next: Germans Don’t Love Dobermans?