How he got the name has been lost to history, but on the battlefield in WWI he was an angel. A French war dog, Satan was tasked with finding a lost group of soldiers during the battle of Verdun. Searching the battlefield he was shot twice but kept going until he located the men. As Satan moved towards the troops, he seemed to materialize out of nothing from the smoke of the battlefield. He looked like a winged shadow, and the soldiers thought that their prayers to be found had been answered by a “heavenly savior”. Then they saw it was a dog wearing a gas mask and messenger bag, and that the “wings” were actually two baskets on each side of Satan’s back. Inside were carrier pigeons that were successfully used to notify headquarters of their location. And in Satan’s messenger pouch was the welcome news that once found the soldiers would be rescued the next day. Next: Nina the Bunker Cat.

A WWI messenger dog with gas mask (not Satan unfortunately).