The TV Show. Most people who are familiar with Rin Tin Tin know him from the 1950’s television show. The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin was set in the old west and co-starred a young boy who shared the adventures. By then Rin TinTin III was too old for the role, so owner Lee Duncan trained a new Rinty to assume the TV dog role. The problem was that the newest Rin Tin Tin was, as described by a member of the show, “stupid”. So Rin Tin Tin IV turned out to not be good enough to star in the show. The decision was made to go with another breeder’s dog, Flame Jr., a cream and black German Shepard. Rin Tin Tin IV returned to Lee’s farm to be a ranch dog. But to the viewing public, Flame Jr and his stunt double Blaze, were Rin Tin Tin. Next: The Rin Tin Tin Legacy.