Moving Day Tips.
Color Code: As well as labeling, assign each room a color and use coordinating colored duct tape on the top and sides of boxes so that they can be identified when stacked.
Fill Space: To prevent damage, use socks or rags to fill in ‘dead air’ space, especially in and around breakables like glassware, and use t-shirts to wrap larger items.
Even It: If you’re moving yourself, even out the weight when loading furniture and appliances to help prevent damage. Place the refrigerator in the front on one side of the truck, and the washer and dryer on the other.
Secure It: Plastic wrap your furniture, and place drawers against the wall of the truck to prevent them from opening. For added security, use any tie-downs on the side walls.
Cover Up: Cover both sides of mattresses with fitted sheets you no longer use, or plastic wrap ‘em.                                                  Next in Part 6: Insurance.