Photos are probably the most efficient home marketing tool. Visually appealing images will heighten the interest of a possible buyer and may determine whether that buyer decides to visit a property. Studies have shown that a viewer is more likely going to choose to visit a property after seeing well-made photos instead of a listing with poor ones. Generally that means you need professional instead of amateur photos. I’m always amazed when I see a listing with bad photos – that have obviously taken by the owner or the listing agent. Out of focus and dark photos are never acceptable. With some agents the photos are technically ok, but unappealing aspects of the property are included for no reason. Remember that a prospect needs to tour a home before he or she will make an offer. So without adequate traffic a home is going to sell slower, if at all. So professional looking photography is a key ingredient to marketing a property. I always hire professional photographers. Don’t accept less when you list your home.