Last year I gave five important home preparation tips. I emphasize those again, with a twist, because they are worth repeating.  But this time I’ve added a couple more to help you prepare for your next listing and sale.

  1. Paint. Exterior for critical curb appeal when needed, and interior whenever old and tired. A fresh coat of paint can give a much needed facelift and increase the odds of your home selling. Select a lighter, neutral tone, and if painting outside, one that is consistent with other residences in the neighborhood.
  2. Repair all visible defects. To maximize a home’s worth, it should look in good condition both inside and out. Fix any and all problems to walls, ceilings, floors, and maintenance items such as roof deficiencies and leaky plumbing.
  3. Declutter. This is addition by subtraction. Now is the time to box up excess clothes, furniture and personal items (and nick-nacks) – and don’t forget the garage. The home’s furnishings can go a long way to getting your home sold. Give buyers the ability to see how their furniture will fit and the decorating options available to them by providing enough space in each room.
  4. Upgrade the front yard landscaping. Curb appeal plays a big role more so than people realize. Potential buyers looking at the pictures in MLS or driving the neighborhood may never want to view the home if it doesn’t look appealing from the outside. Make sure grass is in good shape and any rock landscaping is clean and free of weeks. Fresh flowers and foliage will boost appeal even more.
  5. Do a kitchen make over. The kitchen is the most important room to buyers so is the number one room in the home where you’ll get the most bang for your remodeling buck. Counter tops and appliances are the quickest fixes, as are faucets, fixtures, door knobs and other easily changed items.
  6. Make your bathroom a spa. The master bath is an important a factor in a home’s worth. Think of creating a private sanctuary or spa space, that is relaxing, rejuvenating and more. Upgrade the faucets, fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, mirrors and toilets to give buyers something to be excited about. Accessorize with plants, candles and other inexpensive, high impact decor.
  7. Replace carpet. Unless it is, and looks, new, replace carpet rather than simply cleaning it. Get a fresh, neutral-tone with an upgraded pad for an extra luxurious feel. Since many homes for sale have new carpet, spending the money on new before your home goes on the market will make it attractive and move in ready to buyers.