Of course pricing it right is the number 1 concern.  Once you’ve done that, when buyers get to your home you want them to fall love with it. Here’s how:
1.  Add curb appeal.  Get them from the start with well kept landscaping, good condition or new paint, clean windows and some flowers near the entry (pots work fine).
2.  Declutter:  Remove one third to a half of everything on shelves, and almost all stuff on countertops. Don’t overstuff closets or cram things into an already filled garage. Sell, donate, give away or rent a storage unit.
3.  Eliminate smells.  Clean that kitty litter every day and if necessary provide alternative, but fresh, scent(s) – but don’t overdo it, as some people are allergic or sensitive to smells.
4.  Clean.  Paint is one way to fix dirty, dingy walls – and smells, but even if not necessary, make sure at a minimum everything at eye level and on shelves and counter tops is free of dust. You can’t clean too much.
5.  Complete repairs or renovations.  Sellers hate unfinished projects large and small, besides the fact they always make the room or areas look unappealing.