If you are a landlord, there are some maintenance tasks your tenants should be doing. For example, replacing the air filters for the HVAC unit. Or making sure the batteries are functioning in the smoke detectors. These are simple yet important functions most landlords want their tenants to take care of. The first step is to make sure the tenant is required to do the specified maintenance in the lease. Next, lower the uncertainty it won’t be done (for an investment of less than $100) by leaving a year’s worth of HVAC air filters and a 9 volt battery or two in the property before the tenant moves in. Most responsible tenants will take care of these things, but the key word is “most”. Having tenant responsibilities in the lease and providing items like filters doesn’t mean they will be done. As a result you should inspect the property on a regular basis to make sure. When you do, bring replacement filters and any other consumable maintenance items to make it easy for the tenant to replace them in the future.