Kurt was a Doberman that landed on Guam in WWII on July 23, 1944. The next day Kurt led Marines climbing the hill above the beachhead. It was a crucial moment, as the Americans were trying to secure a foothold on the island. Kurt set out, zigzagging in front of the troops with his handler, searching for the enemy. Soon Kurt froze, indicating approaching Japanese soldiers in the bushes ahead of the Marines. As the Marines took cover and prepared for a firefight the Japanese shot his handler and threw a number of hand grenades which wounded Kurt. Kurt was the first dog to be buried in what would become the war dog cemetery on Guam. 24 more dogs that served in the Pacific theatre, many Doberman Pinschers, followed. A life-size, bronze statue of Kurt paid for by the United Doberman Club graces a monument erected to commemorate the sacrifice of all the dogs buried in the cemetery. Next: War Dogs on Guam.