No home is perfect, so there may be items or components of a property that need repairs. That is why when buying a home, you should get an inspection and make any other investigations recommended by your agent.  Use the information you have gained, request that consequential items be fixed.  Here are 5 things to know when doing that.

  • Be specific.
    The more clearly you can describe the problem, the less likely the seller will misunderstand the request and object on that basis. Refer to any reports or pictures, and make sure the request is made in unambiguous language.
  • Request a licensed contractor.
    This is not always necessary, but the last thing you need is the homeowner or someone unqualified doing electrical work or similarly risky repairs.
  • Get documentation.
    Request receipts or invoices for all of the work done, and where possible request a transferable warranty, such as for roofing repairs.
  • Re-Inspection.
    Re-inspect no later than the walk-through so you and the inspector can check out the repairs.
  • Credit for repairs.
    If you are requesting a credit for repairs, be sure to verify with the lender that this is acceptable. Make sure an amendment to the contract is executed which properly documents the agreement.

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