What education do you think the state of Arizona requires of real estate agents?
1. A four year University degree (BA or BS), three years post-graduate (Master’s Degree and a Phd/Doctorate or their equivalent), and 180 hours of real estate school (“RES”); or
2. A four year university degree (BA or BS), plus 90 hours of RES; or
3. A two year community college degree (an Associates Degree), plus 90 hours of RES; or
4. A high school diploma, and 90 hours of RES; or
5. 2 years of high school and 1,600 hours of school; or
6. No education, schooling or diploma of any kind, and 90 hours of RES.
If you guessed #5, that is actually the requirement for hairstylists. Agents have to have at least that, right? Wrong, answer #6 is correct. I have the equivalent of the qualifications in #1. Buying or selling a home is highest dollar transaction most people engage in, so you want the best qualifications possible. Get the Attorney – Broker Advantage with SimplySOLD in your next real estate sale.

Melinda Gimpel