The East and West of the U.S. are two totally different buyer – seller markets. In the West, nine cities were among the top 10 buyers’ markets in August. San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, California is number 1, Salt Lake City, Utah is number 2, and the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler, Arizona) is in third place. As of August, the only one of those 3 where home prices declined was San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley. Unlike markets that are favoring buyers, some cities in the East are proving to be the most resilient seller favorable housing markets. They also have some of the lowest home prices in the nation. Tops is Fayetteville, N.C., Syracuse, N.Y.is number 2, Akron, Ohio is third, and Cleveland-Elyria, Ohio is in fourth place. But all of these numbers will likely change in the near future as the nationwide housing market changes.