I wanted to pass along a story about gruesome surprises found in homes for sale.  This one concerns a foreclosed home. In Dayton, Ohio last year a home had been foreclosed on and a contractor was hired to remove any remaining items the previous owner left behind. While doing his job the contractor found a number of boxes. That would seem to be good news, because that is easier than picking up furniture, clothes or piles of trash. But when the worker read the labels on the sides of the boxes where the contents were listed, he found the names and dates of what were obviously deceased individuals. In fact, he found that the cremated remains of fifty-six people were in those “improvised coffins”. An investigation found that the previous home owner was a former director of a funeral home that had been closed down the year before by the state. Apparently when he shut the doors of that business, he brought home his “inventory”. When he moved on he failed to take those former clients with him or make other proper arrangements. So when you move into your next home, don’t forget to read the labels on any boxes left behind. You never know what – or who – you might find. Next in Part II: Uncooperative (Dead) Sellers.