The purchase of a home is complicated and involves a number of documents that have legal implications. Agents may have the right to prepare real estate documents, but they can’t supply legal expertise because they don’t have that training. Bruce Gardner, a real estate licensee and attorney like me, points out that agents “do not provide the competency, professionalism, advice, protection, and negotiating ability that a typical home buyer/seller needs during one of the biggest financial decisions he or she will ever make.”
Not only can a lawyer correctly interpret the purchase contract, he or she can also prepare language that will protect you. In addition, attorneys have special skills, such as the knowledge of the law necessary to overcome title and escrow obstacles. But the inconvenience, time and cost involved means that use of an attorney in home sales isn’t the usual practice in Arizona.
But you can have an experienced real estate attorney involved in your Phoenix area transaction – that handles all of the realtor and legal functions – for no extra charge. That is the Attorney-Broker advantage you get when using me for your next home purchase or sale. Why would you settle for less?