Replace your lawn to reduce your water consumption and maintenance costs and be paid for it. The participating Valley of the Sun cities have different rules and reimbursement rebates for transition from grass to xeriscape landscaping. For example, Peoria up to $550; Tempe up to $500; Mesa $50 – $225; Scottsdale $2 per square foot up to $5000 (residential) or up to $20,000 (commercial which includes HOAS); Glendale up to $750. Note that a conversion to bare dirt or to grass substitutes does not qualify. The programs which grant rebates for turf removal require a minimum of approved low water- use, drought-enduring plants and do not accept artificial turf as a replacement. The rebate is in the form of a credit to your utility bill. And as the result of the passage of Arizona’s new water law, these rebates could expand. Check the regulations of your city before you plan your conversion for the qualifications and to check the current amount of the rebates.