Part 1. Although Doberman Pinchers were the Marines first choice, they proved to be unsuitable as a combat dog in WWII. Their replacement had to do with Dobermans not being fierce and fearless enough in combat. But in some situations they did prove useful. In 1944 Jim McEnery served in New Guinea (the same place Smoky the Yorkie – discussed in my previous pet blog, was found) and observed a Dobie in action on patrol. The dog’s job was to locate hidden Japanese soldiers as the GIs moved through the jungle. He related that he “was amazed at how it could pinpoint the Japanese … it was almost like a bird dog setting a covey of quail”. It is likely that the Dobies used their sight and hearing along with their sense of smell to do this task. Excellent vision and hearing are Doberman strengths – which offsets their below average scent capabilities. Next time: The WWII horse rescue.