Although Doberman Pinchers started out as the Marines’ official combat dog, by the end of WWII German Shepherds had replaced Dobermans as the preferred breed. The problem was said to be that Dobermans were a thinking breed, so could alter their behavior based on their experience. For example, they might avoid following an order when they deemed it dangerous or not the safest way to proceed. Dogs used for combat need to do what they are told – every time. Doberman breeders don’t concentrate on obedience, but instead focus on appearance and the requisite temperament to be a family dog. The unsuitability of Dobermans as guard or attack dogs was apparently recognized as early as 1909 by police dog trainers in Germany. So contrary to their Hollywood depiction, Dobies just are not fearless and determined enough for these jobs. I can vouch for that, as our Dobie – Zeus, loves everyone and can ignore commands. But his look and growl when alerted is pretty scary! NEXT: A Yorkie in WWII.