Around Halloween last year I wrote a blog about gruesome surprises found in homes for sale.  It seems that agents are continuing to find all kinds of disturbing things in homes and foreclosures.

In Milwaukee an agent found a very dead occupant on the stairs in a home that had been foreclosed on. Apparently the previous owner had committed suicide at the top of the staircase some four years before. Makes you wonder about that lenders foreclosed home inspection and intake strategy – if there was one. I wonder if the agent stepped around the deceased and kept showing the home, saying to the buyer “don’t take any notice of the corpse here, I promise all dead people will be removed prior to close of escrow.”

Sometimes owners take a nap or are day sleepers due to their job. So it is not all that unusual for agents to show a home when someone is snoozing away. In Notting Hill, London, England an agent thought that was the case when he and his buyers found the owner on the couch. It wasn’t until later that the agent found out the sleeper was really out of it – so out of it he would never wake up.

Back here in the United States the same thing happened when an agent in Janesville Wisconsin also found the previous owner’s body. In another incident, an agent thought that the seller was taking an awful long time in the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, she found that the seller had expired sitting on the toilet.

Typically house hunting is less dramatic. Macabre home hunting isn’t the norm. If you use SimplySOLD, we guarantee that there will not be any zombies, walking dead or stationary corpses in any home we show. Unless that is what you want, and then we will do our best to accommodate you!