Home buyers from Ontario – my home province – have traditionally been the most active home purchasers of east coast U.S. homes. Ontario is located roughly above New York to Minnesota, so its logical that its residents would be oriented towards Florida and the other south-eastern states. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, western Canadian buyers from Alberta and British Columbia have held the top 2 slots, and make up around two-thirds of our Canadian buyers overall.  The other two western provinces are 4th and 5th. The breakdown looks like this::
1. Alberta                        40% share of Canadian buyers
2. British Columbia      27%
3. Ontario                       13%
4. Manitoba                     8%
5. Saskatchewan             7%
6. Quebec                         4%
Although the number may have changed (see my blog CanadiansWhere art Thou? for the reasons why), in the past, 9 out of 10 of foreign buyers in the Phoenix metro area came from Canada.

canada map