Are you a Canuck living in the United States? Are you from the U.S. and thinking of going to Canada for the Olympics or for a vacation? Are you a Canadian visiting on an extended basis here (are you a snowbird?) Or do you have dual Canada-United States citizenship like me? Whatever your Canadian connection is, this blog has the information you need. How important are Canadians to Arizona? For 2008 approximately 517,000 Canadians visited Arizona! What about the other direction? In 2007, 66,626 Arizonans visited the province of Ontario (where my hometown, Toronto, is located).

Below is a list of useful websites, most of which are courtesy of the Canadian government.

  1. The Canadian Embassy Washington, D.C. – https://www.international.gc.ca/country-pays/us-eu/washington.aspx?lang=eng. Among other things you will find on this website is Connect 2 Canada, a Canadian Embassy email newsfeed for Canadians residing in the United States, which I subscribe to. You may also type in www.connect2canada.com to go directly to the site.
  2. Passport Canada – www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-passports.html. Everything you need to apply for a passport.
  3. Citizenship and Immigration Canada – www.cic.gc.ca. For those with questions regarding immigration, study, work, or visiting Canada, with topics like: Change my address, Get a permanent resident card, and When I can become a citizen.
  4. Canada Border Services Agency – www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca. Get information on crossing the border, such as what you can bring across and border crossing wait times, etc.
  5. Social Development Canada – www.sdc.gc.ca. Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and Social Insurance.
  6. Foreign Affairs and International Trade – https://travel.gc.ca/?_ga=2.194189805.1377497932.1589834580-1882899889.1589834579. Topics include planning a trip to Canada, Country information, Travel reports and warnings.
  7. The Canadian Tourism Commission – www.travelcanada.ca. Canada’s official tourism website with comprehensive information on planning a trip to Canada and its provinces.
  8. Canadian Consulate in Los Angeleshttp://www.international.gc.ca/country-pays/us-eu/los_angeles.aspx?lang=eng.
    Information and links to various websites related to Canada such as Trade and Investment, Canada-U.S. Relations, Border Cooperation, technology and innovation.
  9. Canada Arizona Business Council – www.canaz.net. The Canada Arizona Business Council (CABC) is a 501(C)6 non-profit Arizona corporation whose purpose is to promote increased trade and investment between the State of Arizona and Canada. They have lots of great material on the Canadian-Arizona relationship, such as the visit statistics set forth above.

For more information on the Phoenix-Scottsdale area and Canadians, contact us at www.simplysoldaz.com.