Recently I read a letter from a Canadian that owns a home in Arizona about a construction defect. The letter was in a magazine catering to Snowbirds, and the writer was complaining because he had been told that due to Arizona’s real property tax classifications, Snowbirds are “excluded from protection from licensed trades going bankrupt or making a claim” against a contractor. This is incorrect. First, Arizona’s property tax classifications are completely unrelated to the protections afforded by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Second, the jurisdiction of the Registrar of Contractors extends to licensed contractors and the quality of the work they do in Arizona. The nationality or immigration status of owners who hire contractors is irrelevant. So Canadians have the same rights to file a complaint as anyone else who retains licensed contractors in our state. The bad advice this person received is typical of that dished out by people ignorant of the law.  As a residential broker and real estate attorney, I provide accurate advice when you have real estate questions. So when you need help with real estate, get the Attorney-Broker Advantage.