Homeowners in governmentally specified flood zones are at a greater risk of damage from flooding. Flooding damage is not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. And if using a loan to buy, expensive mandatory flood insurance may be required by the lender. Arizona has the lowest proportion of properties currently with substantial risk of flooding. In contrast, Florida has the highest. Of 3,112,400 properties in Florida at risk of flooding over the next 30 years, 313,200 were categorized as facing almost certain risk – with a 99% chance of flooding at least once over that time period. Pricey flood insurance is a given for those homes. For specific state numbers, go to First National Flood Risk Assessment Defining America’s Growing Risk at https://assets.firststreet.org/uploads/2020/06/first_street_foundation__first_national_flood_risk_assessment.pdf

Fort Lauderdale street floods due to Tropical Storm Eta.