I stick to real estate and Arizona economic topics in this blog, but can’t pass up writing about my two favorite things – pets and military history. So I told you about Reckless, a Marine Korean war horse. This time the war is WWII and about a dog. Phoenix resident King Mickey was “enlisted” at the Women’s Reserve Battalion Marine Corps base in San Diego in April of 1945. As an English Bulldog he was a perfect choice, as Bulldogs are the mascot of the Corps. King Mickey’s job was to enhance the moral of the troops on base, as well as to make public appearances to promote the traditions of the Marines. He was given his own custom uniform with his name and the Marine Corps logo, and attained the rank of sergeant before being busted back to corporal after a brief stint AWOL. In 1946 when the battalion was disbanded he was given an honorable discharge and returned to his Phoenix area owner. Since then, Marine bases often have a bulldog in residence. NEXT: When Uncle Sam Wanted Your Dog.