In Part 1, I went over qualification questions you should ask when hiring an inspector. Here are 3 more pertaining to the process: 4. When is it and how long will the inspection last? You should always plan to attend the inspection. At a minimum, join it as the inspector concludes his or her work and can summarize the findings. Note that inspections can last for hours depending on the type of property (condos are the fastest) and amount of square footage. 5. If a new build, do you have experience doing so? New homes need inspections as defects are common. For example, the inspector can check that the HVAC system is working properly and all the outlets, switches and appliances are functional. But not all inspectors are good at evaluating new homes and coordinating with the often not cooperative builder. 6. What’s the cost? Costs can vary dramatically, depending on the size and type of the house and the scope of services.