If you are buying a home, there may be items or components that need repairs. Here are 5 things to know when asking the seller to do corrective work:

  1. Let the small stuff go. You may offend the seller by asking for everything and so get nothing. Also realize you may have a limited negotiating room. Don’t let easily corrected or unimportant stuff crowd out what really needs attention.
  2. Make the request clear and understandable. The more clearly the problem is described, the more likely the seller will do exactly what you ask. Vague language may lead to a misunderstanding. If referenced in an inspection report, the page/item should be specified. Then use “action words” such as “repair” or “replace”.
  3. Ensure contractor compliance. Make sure the seller understands that anything related to “health and safety” can not be done by a handyman and must be performed by a licensed contractor under Arizona law. That includes electrical and plumbing.
  4. Check the work. Verify the item has been completed. For work that requires a professional evaluation, your inspector can re-inspect at or before the walk through for a small charge.
  5. Get proof. Upon completion obtain receipts or invoices for all of the work done marked “paid”.