Your selection of agent will be a decisive factor in whether your home purchase will be a success. A good agent will educate you about the buying process, protect your interests, and be able to accurately value the selections you make. How do you get those benefits? Ask these questions to make sure the agent is right for you:
1. Do you intend to also represent the seller? Never let the agent represent the seller (single agent dual agency). Insist that your agent be exclusively on your side and protect your best interests – and not that of the seller.
2. Get you refer me to a mortgage broker? The loan approval process more complicated than ever, so it is critical the right selection is made. A survey showed that 46% of buyers thought they got a better list from their agent than they could have come up with otherwise.
3. What should I expect? Managing your expectations is essential to having a smooth home buying experience.
4. Are the different ways to look at this? A good agent will help you explore possibilities. This can also be helpful in the realm of negotiations.
5. Is there anything I have forgotten to ask? This wild card question will show whether the agent knows the market and has sufficient experience.