According to home ebuyer Opendoor, in metro Phoenix the top 5 things that hurt home values are: 1. Commercial neighbors: $7,200 average deduction; 2. Formica or tile kitchen counters: $4,900 average deduction; 3. Located on a busy street: $4,500 average deduction; 4. Low quality cabinetry: $3,600 average deduction; 5. Power lines close to home: $3,500 average deduction. Except for numbers 1 and 3, these depend greatly on location and price range. In sub $300,000 homes in many areas the other factors may have little or no negative impact at all. This is another example of how generalities can be very misleading in valuing residential real estate. If you need help evaluating a home, ask the professionals at SimplySOLD for an accurate evaluation of your next purchase or sale.