Numbers 6 -10: 6. Get a Written Contract. Obtain and keep a written copy of all contracts, change orders, and receipts. Contracts for jobs costing more than $1,000 are required by Arizona law to provide specific information about the project (e.g. a description of the work, a completion date, deposit amount, progress payment schedule, and total cost). 7. Progress Payments. Make sure you don’t pay in full. Your contract should have a payment schedule based on proof of work completed. Don’t make the final payment until you are satisfied with the work and have received confirmation any liens have been released. 8. Building Permits. Make sure the contract spells out who is responsible to pay for and obtain any required building permits. 9. Inspections. Consider hiring a home inspector to check for defects on large remodels – preferably during stages when the work is sufficiently visible, such as electric and plumbing rough, when the walls are open. 10. Insurance. As set forth in detail in my earlier blog Insurance Coverage for ReModels, Part 1, make sure appropriate insurance is in place.