The World War II Years. Between the wars, Lee Duncan continued to train the offspring of Rin Tin Tin. At the onset of World War II Lee was working with Rin Tin Tin III. Although no movie roles were forthcoming, Lee and Rin Tin Tin III did their part to support the war effort by encouraging people to donate their dogs to Dogs for Defense (more on that program will be in a later blog). Rin Tin Tin III became the celebrity spokesmodel for Dogs for Defense and toured the country. Lee donated Rin Tin Tin III’s mother, Trudine Von Pondview, to the program, who was subsequently killed in action in the South Pacific theater. He also assisted in the evaluation and training of dogs to be used in the war at Camp Haan. Next: The Rin Tin Tin TV Show.

Rin Tin Tin III