SimplySOLD Forms, Articles and Documents

The following are documents available to SimplySOLD™ buyers, sellers and agents.  If you would like a copy of any of these documents, send an email to mark@simplysoldaz.com.  Many of the client short sale documents are also available as downloadable pdfs in the Short Sale section of this website.

Handouts (Educational Documents for Buyers and Sellers)

Handouts For Buyers and Sellers:
1. What Happens Next/the Escrow Period/The Closing (Short, Long and Longer Forms)
2. Document Retention Recommendations
3. Reasons For and Solutions to Finance and Refinance Rejection
4. Is Your Agent Disloyal? (Why you should Avoid Dual Agency)
5. Moving Checklist
6. 7 Types of Agents to Avoid
7. Residential Pool Safety Notice (ADHS)

Handouts For Buyers:
1. Lender Checklist: What you Need to Get a Mortgage
2. Common Closing Costs
3. School Evaluation and Crime Info Websites
4. Home Inspections and Exclusions
5. What not to Overlook on a Final Walkthru
6.  Buyer Topics to Research (ADRE)
7.  10 Questions for Home Inspectors

Handouts For Sellers:
1. How to Price your Home
2. Access: A Reason Homes Don’t Sell
3. Skip the Open House?
4. Should you Counter?

Forms (For Clients/Customers to complete/sign)

Forms For Buyers and Sellers:
1. Mold Disclosure, Disclaimer and Waiver
2. Estimated Cost Sheet
3. Personal Property Inventory

Forms For Buyers:
1. Home Needs Form
2. Home Evaluation Form
3. Walk Thru Questions for Seller
4. Buyer Walk Thru Checklist
5. Interior Design Checklist

Forms For Sellers:
1. MLS Updated Items List
2. Seller’s Home Preparation Guide
3. Seller To Do List

Forms for Agents – Transaction and Client Mgmt:
1. Contract Agenda + Checklist
2. Listing Agent Task List
3. Buyer Agent Task List
4. Open House Sign in Sheet
5. Listing Contact Log
6. Walkthrough Acknowledgment by Buyer
7. Agreement to Pay Referral Fee
8. Multiple Offer Disclosure Authorization
9. Extension of Listing Agreement

Reference and other Documents (For Agents Use)

1. Policies and Procedures Manual
2. Definition of “Days” and Calculating Time Periods
3. Fair Housing Advertising Guidelines (AAR)
4. Septic Procedures
5. On Site Wastewater Treatment Facilities Guide
6. Horse Properties
7. SimplySOLD™ Resource Library
8. 10 Ways to Stay Out of Court
9. Scottsdale Open House Sign Regulations
10. Owner/Agent Addendum to Purchase Agreement
11. Contract Terms/Issue Checklist
12. Pool Barrier Laws (AAR) (the Residential Pool Safety Notice is in Handouts for Buyers + Sellers above)

Promotion and Marketing (For Agents Use)

1. Your Home’s Single Property Website
2. Charities Supported by SimplySOLD™
3. Work with a REALTOR™ Brochure (NAR)
4. The Selling Process

Short Sale Documents (For Agent and Client Use)

1. The Short Sale Process – Explained (for seller or buyer)
2. Short Sale Transaction Document List (for agent use )
3. Checklist of Documents to be Submitted to Lender (for agent use)
4. Short Sale Document Checklist (for seller)
5. Authorization Letter (for seller to complete)
6. Seller/Borrower Information Form (for seller)
7. Disclosure and Consent Affidavit (for seller)
8. Do Not Contact (for seller)
9. Short Sale Liability and Disclaimer Form (for seller)
10. Monthly Financial Statement (for seller)
11. Buyer’s Consent Affidavit
12. Buyer’s Consent Affidavit (B of A)
13. Short Sale Forms – First Arizona Title
14. Short Sale Forms – Grand Canyon Title
15. Short Sale Instructions (For agent use, as MLS document)
16. Short Sale Addendum (For agent use, as MLS document, to use with #15 when represent seller)

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